Thinking about germ free facilities and water sterilisation the first thing that comes to mind is the large Pyrex bottle filled with water.

These bottles are equipped with specific caps and depending on the cap type the procedure may change. We can split the caps into two major categories: Filtered caps, that can be just screwed on the bottle neck, or non-filtered caps that need to be slightly unscrewed during the cycle and must be secured when the cycle is over.

These Pyrex jars are autoclaved with a dedicated liquid cycle requiring a specific validation process and moved inside the cabinet prior external decontamination.

Once the bottle is under the cabinet the technician can fill every single cage bottle.

An easy way to autoclave directly the cage water bottles already filled with water is by taking advantage of the ergonomics of the Decontamination rack and using the IsoCage with HEPA filter as a shuttle.

Every cage can be filled with 7 complete bottles.

This leads to a reduction in the manipulation under the Biosafety Cabinet or the Isolator and therefore the risks related.

At the end of the cycle it is enough to take the whole Isocage out from the decontamination rack and move it inside the cabinet or the Isolator prior to external decontamination.